6 December, 2016

Survey deadline Friday 16th December

Does Bristol need a new radio station? 5,000 of you have said yes, but can we make that 10,000 by our deadline on Friday 16th December?

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SWU FM have the opportunity to apply for a full time FM radio license in early 2017 – but first we have to show the licensing authorities that there’s demand for SWU FM (Full story here:

To do this we created an online user survey that over 5,000 of you have completed with a 99.9% ‘Yes’ rate. This is a great start but we’re only 50% towards the finish line. Our end goal is to get 10,000 ‘Yes’ clicks via the survey and we have less than 2 weeks to do this.

We know its hassle, we know putting it off until tomorrow is the way it goes, but please get involved while you still can! It really does only take 2 minutes; with a few clicks you can help us get closer to that 10k milestone, and the new station Bristol wants and needs.

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SWU.FM Bristol 103.7FM

SWU.FM was awarded a full time FM radio licence for Bristol on March 28th 2018.

The station will be a fresh, energetic, youth-led station, with a focus on urban, electronic and dance music genres. Our artist roster features Bristol legends, established artists, up and coming talent and people who make music happen in the city.



Applications for DJs, Volunteers and Contributors are now open, if you’re interested in getting involved with SWU.FM, drop us a email with a short description of yourself and a audio demo if you’d like to be considered for future radio show opportunity’s.


Applications [at] swu.fm


Station launch date TBA  2019










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