22 September, 2016

License updates & Future plans

We’ve been getting flooded with emails and messages asking about the status of the station, so here’s a quick run down of where we’re at and what’s been going on at SWU HQ.

Our trial broadcast on 87.7FM in May was a huge success, and the powers that be were happy with the station output. We then received an invitation to apply for a full time license in July – although unfortunately this was only for AM. For those who don’t know, AM (medium wave) offers a low quality audio signal aimed at talk based stations, which is considered unsuitable for broadcasting music.

In light of 90% of our output being music based, we were forced to decline this opportunity and press on with a suitable license for our programming content.

But despite licensing complications, the show must go on! We’re still in our central Bristol studio, and we’ve just started putting together loose plans for a big party. This will be closely followed by a few special broadcasts to fill the gap between nailing a full time FM license!

New application dates and details on the party will be announced soon. All we ask from you is continued support during this period, as that’s what will keep the station alive and our future license applications valid.



Bristols new radio station

SWU.FM is set to revolutionise your airwaves on 103.7 FM & online, playing cutting edge urban, electronic and dance music 24/7. Our artist roster features Bristol legends, established artists, up and coming talent and the people who make music happen in the city.


Our original launch date (Friday 1st of May) has been postponed due to COVID-19 and government restrictions. New launch date TBA



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