20 January, 2022

Critical Music Jan 2022

Critical Music Jan 2022

Klinical x Sydney x Duskee – My Own
Rueben – Apathy
Salo x Chimpo – I Don’t Care
GEST – Concentrate
Minor Forms – Concentrate
Visages – Sunshine Mistery
Sam Binga x Foreign Concept – Bamf
Fox x Coco x Toddla T – Rebel Soujah (Sam Binga Remix)
Hyroglifics – Iridescent Fog
Hamdi – Skanka
Emma-Jean Thackray – Movementt
Nubiyan Twist – Morning Light

Demo Reviews
Milicent – Angel Dust
Avanti – Painting Pictures

SOLAH – Everything is Possible
Imanu x Caracal Project – Neiges
DJ Hybrid – Afterparty Anthem
Settle Down x FD – What Is Real

Emz – Mask

Artist Spotlight (Rockwell)
Rockwell x Sam Frank – Childhood Memories
Rockwell – Underpass
Rockwell x Sam Binga x Hyroglifics – ITSOKBHAPP

Levela x Eksman – Zone Out
Atlantic Connection – In Your Eyes
Dj Die – Clear Skyz (1996 VIP)
Workforce – Forever
S.P.Y. – Underpass
Danny Scrilla – Sideways


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