19 December, 2016

10k ‘Yes’ click target achieved

A couple of days late but we got there! 10,008 Yes clicks expressing the want for a new station in Bristol and SWU FM being awarded a full time licence.

56% of you expanded on your yes vote with a written explanation of why you want SWU to be a full time station.

32 people said no, none of them used their real names or email addresses.

In light of the above statistics and our 6.5 million website hits during our trial broadcast, we hope to be invited to apply for a licence in  2017.

We’ve just submitted these stats but the survey will remain open on our website for the immediate future. Every extra survey entry we get between now and the pending application invite will help move us forward.


Thanks a million (10,008)



SWU FM – Celebrating Bristol Music Culture

SWU.FM is a radio station aimed at young Bristol and its music and arts community. We specialise in urban, electronic, and dance music genres presented by legends, established artists, up and coming talent and the people who make music happen in the city.


In May 2016 SWU.FM completed a short term broadcast in Bristol on 87.7 FM. The station had a large citywide audience on FM and saw over 6 million hits on our website during the 27 day period.


You can watch a documentary about us here: https://youtu.be/teC_Tv40Weg
Listen to our archives with 200+ shows here: www.swu.fm/archived/

& Help us get a full time FM Licence here: www.swu.fm/survey


SWU.FM is currently applying for a full time FM licence.



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